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About us

Erstwilder is a proudly Melbourne-based label. We design and produce collectible, limited edition layered resin adornments, all fashioned to keep your outfits extraordinary and your days dandy.

Born in 2011, the label came to life when artist Louisa Camille began sketching wonderful little creatures in our studio, little creatures for whom we instantly fell head over heels. Fast forward to today and we now work with a team of local designers whose own personalities and passions influence our collections in the most amazing ways.

Everyone at Erstwilder HQ shares a love of animals great and small and we draw a lot of inspiration from all things vintage, rockabilly, pinup, retro and art deco. These passions combine to create our darling adornments which provide the perfect antidote to those drab, ordinary days.

Character design is only part of the process; each piece in the Erstwilder collection has its own narrative including a unique name and short story homaging history, myth, pop-culture and classic storytelling. And our focus on design flows through to the packaging which makes an Erstwilder character - an Erstwildling(!) - the perfect gift for anyone who loves to accessorise.

Nowadays, on the whole, if we were to put a name to what is our greatest source of inspiration it’s actually quite simple, our greatest source of inspiration is our community of stockists, customers and collectors! That's right, Erstwildians as we have taken to calling them (you!), are the most fantastic fans one could possibly hope for and the feedback they (you!) provide is how we keep our ideas fresh.

As for us, the people behind the scenes, we describe ourselves in the same way we describe our designs: decidedly fun, often outrageous, somewhat quirky and always delightfully companionable. If you think this sounds a bit like you, then you just might be one of us! We believe that a person’s jewellery speaks volumes of their character and that life is far more fun when it’s taken less seriously.